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  • The tradition of our farming began in 1973 when we owned the name of a pr Fatherted breeding station ARGENDAB. After the political and social changes in 1989, we had - and given the integration to the EU - to apply for a new kennel name. Since then, we keep and breed French Bulldog Terrier pr Fatherted under the name TEAM SOFT.
  • French Bulldog puppies from our kennel are mostly sold to clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but we have proudly reached out to customers all over Europe, from Italy, to Spain, from Belgium to France. We deliver our puppies directly from our kennel. Dog puppies, according to Czech Law, can not be shipped or carried abroad by anyone but the owner/s.

    Besides the laws and regulations, it is the best way for all, the puppy, the owner, and us, to start a long lasting relationship..

    We do provide support and unlimited service for our dogs' owners from foreign countries, and have made available for that purpose a telephone hotline 24 hours a day.

    Each puppy is duly vaccinated, dewormed, identified with a EU Passport, has an ID chip, FCI Pedigree, and Purchase Agreement.

    French Bulldogs and Bull Terriers from our kennel are a combination of typical specimens tested bloodlines. We do provide a guarantee for each puppy, as detailed in this website.

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